Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind Quiz Games Can Help With Brain Health

The reality is that maybe we have become a pill popping society. No matter what problem you have a doctor somewhere can provide you with a pill to cure what ails you. We are learning though those with mind quiz games your brain can be “hacked” drug free. That basically means changing the way your brain thinks and works can be fixed with no magic pills or potions.

Some people believe that technology could be making us dumber but many studies have proven that doing brain games or a mind quiz can go a long way in improving cognitive function of the brain. Cognitive function is basically your brains ability to do tasks. The quicker and more efficiently your brain can do these tasks the healthier it is.

Recently at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin there was a panel that discussed this particular topic. Megan Miller, one of the moderators, said “You can improve your reflexes, your athleticism, your attention span and even your sex life” with improved cognitive function. A healthy brain really does have an extremely positive effect on many aspects of your life.

A healthy brain can also stave off mental health disorders such as depression, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. The brains games and mind quiz games that currently exist on the market are effective but the more science learns about the brain and how it functions the better these games will get.

In a recent unpublished study that surveyed 75,000 people on brain activities and lifestyle there were some very interesting findings. The people who did the best on the mind quiz were people who got 7 hours a sleep per night, exercised 2 or more days per wee and didn’t drink. These people also usually read books often or played a musical instrument. You don’t need a ton of activity to keep your brain in shape you just have to be consistent in doing stuff to stimulate it.

One of the speakers at the SXSW event mentioned that in the future he sees people carrying around their mind quiz games on mobile apps in their pockets. The programs will be able to learn their owners habits and lifestyle which will allow for very targeting brain training activities that are customized for individuals.

All of this innovation and research will create many new products and services that are built on mind quiz and brain games. When we have programs that are individualized to a person it is very reasonable to imagine we can do a little hack on someone’s brain through a specific activity and have less of a need for drugs to change the brain.

The thought that one day we can reduce the number of pills people take is great. We can find new solutions to treat and help people have a better life without taking treatments that can have strong secondary effects on their health. This is really important, as there is a need for the society to shift its habits of consumption to new technologies such as brain training and healthier solutions.

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